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We Buy Houses Fast Cash is a national house buying business with a reputation for helping homeowners get rid of their properties quickly and easily.

Best Offer Guarantee
Best Offer Guarantee

If you have received an offer from another bona fide buyer, we’ll beat their offer, guaranteed!


Happy Client - We Buy Houses Fast Cash

Anrea - "I just closed on my property with We Buy Houses Fast Cash. He made the process Quick and Easy! I highly recommend them."

Happy Client - Ashley - We Directly Buy Houses
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Happy Client - Gerald - We Directly Buy Houses
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Happy Client - Brandon - We Directly Buy Houses
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  • “I was not able to repay the loan for my home. The bank was ready for foreclosure. But with webuyhousesfastcash, I was able to sell off my house for the best bargain”

    - michael smith

  • Dealing with agents to sell my house, only made me wait longer with no results. With webuyhousesfastcash, it was fast and without any glitch. Now, my house is sold and I have cash.

    - jim carrey

  • I needed cash to fund my health bills. The only solution was to sell the house. Webuyhousesfastcash helped me to sell my home and I got cash on hand to pay off my debts

    - Julia Ann

  • My second home was being a burden on me as I was not able to pay mortgage on it. I acted fast and went for a sell decision. My friend referred me to this webuyhousesfastcash and within a month, I had settled the debt and had extra cash from my house sale

    - Helen Booth

  • I badly needed money to manage my expenses. I had lost my job and was going through a rough phase in life. Webuyhousesfastcash was like God-sent and they helped me sell my house fast.

    - Christine Ganrer

  • Divorce, kids, health issues- I had all the problems in the world. Moreover, all my attempts to sell my house quickly without any loss were not yielding results. That is when someone suggested that I try it through webuyhousesfastcash. And then everything went on smoothly. My house was sold fast. I had cash. All my other problems were solved. Thanks, webuyhousesfastcash. You helped me when I needed it the most

    - steve carell

  • I needed urgent cash but selling home during the recession was proving to be difficult. I was not getting good deals on it when I decided to try it through webuyhousesfastcash. This was one of my best decisions in life. I never knew that my house would fetch me so much money that too when the housing market was on a downtrend. I got the best deal that too in cash

    - Scotty Williams

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Only Buy Houses?

We buy all types of properties; homes, condos, vacant lots, duplexes and even larger commercial properties as well.

How Much Do You Charge?

Our services are free. We make our money by buying property, fixing it up and either reselling it for a profit or by leasing it out to tenants.

Are you going to try to steal my property?

Of course not. We only do win-win deals that are fair for all parties involved. Plus, buying your property for all cash at a discounted price is just 1 of over 15 different ways to buy your property.

Do You Buy Properties That Are Occupied By Tenants?

Yes. We buy properties in any situation; including when occupied by a tenant (or in some cases, the tenants are more like squatters because they aren’t paying the rent!).

Do I Have to Fix the Property Up?

No. You can leave it the way it is. We buy properties in any condition, pretty as well as ugly.

When Do I Have to Move Out?

Whenever you would like. One of the benefits of working with us is that you can choose when you want to move out.”

Do You Buy Houses for a Specific Percentage of Value?

No. Each property is different, each property owner has different challenges and needs, so each deal is customized to fit the unique needs of the owner. It’s not a one-size-fits-all percentage. In fact, we oftentimes surprise our clients with how much we are willing to offer.