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How To Sell A Fixer Upper For A Good Profit?

How do you sell a fixer-upper for some good profit in the US?

A home seeker would probably want to purchase a house that is perfect. But what if you want to sell your home that is in need of repairs? Such houses that need a fair deal of repair work are called the fixer-uppers. The extent of repair may vary from foundation to roof problems or the simple minor repairs like paint or chipped wall.

1. Decide if you will opt for repairs or sell it ‘as-is’

To earn profits from the fixer-upper, first, decide if it is worth spending money on repairs. Make a proper house assessment through a good property inspector. List out only the necessary repairs to be done if the house is to be sold at a good price. If the repair cost is too high, it might be best that you choose to sell your home in an ‘as-is’ condition.

2. Price your house right

If your home is in a good locality and has a potential value after repairs, there is no reason why your fixer-upper will not fetch a good sale price in the market. Get the services of a property valuer to determine the fair value of your home.

3. Select the right property listing sites

While there is plenty of property listing websites available, opt for those sites that are popular and trusted. The local sites do have an edge here, but listing it on popular sites increases the reach and you may get potential home seekers from far and wide.

4. Do not withhold information from potential buyers

Declare all the defects openly. Do not create any false impressions or be dishonest while selling your fixer-upper. A potential home buyer will anyhow get the house assessed by a home evaluator before going ahead with the purchase. So, it is better to be forthright about the repairs needed.

5. Highlight the positive aspect while selling

Make simple cosmetic improvements that enhance your home impression. Keep your house clean and tidy. A simple coat of paint or light fixtures, cleaning the porch- all these add to the house value. If your house has a good school or amenities nearby, focus on them and add these photographs in the property listing so that you score some brownie points.

6. Contact a home investor

If you want to save yourself from the hassles of finding a good home buyer for your fixer-upper, the right solution would be to go in for a home investor. They not only provide fair-value for your home but also purchase it in an ‘as-is’ condition. Seek the help from a reliable cash buyer for your fixer-upper and you will be glad that you saved your time, money and effort.


To sell a fixer-upper for the highest profit in the US is easy provided you contact a good home investor who will offer the best cash for your home. When your fixer-upper has good potential, then why settle for less?


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