The Real Estate BOOM Markets for 2020

The Real Estate BOOM Markets for 2020

April is considered the peak of the spring homebuying season. But it is not so this year. With open houses on hold, home showings are taking place via virtual apps. Even though the availability of new listings dropped by almost 50 60%, the all-time low mortgage interest rates have helped renew the home buying interests. There are some real estate boom markets for 2020 that show promise given their previous year’s performance and the continuing promise for this year too.

The Real Estate BOOM markets for 2020:

1. Austin, Texas

On top of our list of the real estate boom markets for 2020 is Austin in Texas. The homes here sold fast despite the crisis and at a higher rate when compared to the homes sold the previous April. One of the reasons why the home rates increased was due to the reduced inventory in the market. The affordable homes priced below $400,000 are selling fast. If you have a house for sale and are not finding buyers in the market, the best solution is to approach a cash buyer in Austin. They buy homes in any condition for reasonable prices.

2. Tampa, Florida

Also called the sunshine state, Tampa in Florida is one of the USA’s largest real estate markets in housing. Not even the Covid-19 pandemic has been able to dampen the spirits of house sale here. Though in the beginning, there was an initial hiccup in home sales, it made a rapid comeback with the help of virtual tours and online sales. Even though social distancing measures were in place, the real estate agents encouraged the home seekers to drive through the neighborhood as an initial process before the buying process.

3. Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah is a business-friendly state and it isn’t surprising that more and more tech companies are setting up their branch in Salt Lake City. If you are thinking of upsizing your home or moving into a fine luxury apartment, this is the right time to do so by selling your current home to a reliable home investor in Utah. This way, you can invest in a luxury project without having to worry much about finance or mortgage.

4. Phoenix, Arizona

The housing market in Phoenix Arizona started on a strong note in 2020 taking clues from its rise in the previous year. The Covid-19 pandemic has put some hold on the house sales here. It has turned into a seller’s market with fewer bidding wars on affordable homes. If you are finding it challenging to sell your home, you can contact any trusted home investor in Phoenix. They will take care of all the documentation and closing costs so that you can save on time and resources.


Here, we have listed the real estate boom markets for 2020. If you are desperate to sell your home in Austin, Tampa, Salt Lake City or Phoenix, or anywhere in USA contact us. We buy homes in any condition, in any situation fast, for cash. With us, you don’t have to put your house sale on hold. Whatever the real estate market in your area, we buy homes fast for cash.

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